Welcome to the first installment of the #DigitalMarketingScript. We will be covering how the team at In Their Face Marketing develops and implements digital marketing programs and strategies for pharmacies and small businesses across the United States. We will also share tips and tricks to make your online marketing more effective and efficient. Your pharmacy marketing is important to us, so let’s jump right in:

Today we are going to talk about something that everyone has issues with, what content to post on social media. This is a subject that people get sensitive about because they are not getting likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. They continue to post information but still no one engages. Well, there are reasons no one is engaging with your content. Your content is either boring or it is not relevant (AKA valuable). Content creation is difficult and it takes a lot of time to understand what makes your audience tick. They will engage with content that they find interesting and/or valuable.

As we work with different clients throughout the United States, we continually hear that social media is not effective for B2B. This is untrue, social media can be extremely effective for B2B. There are a some huge things that you can do to create great content for B2B and/or B2C.

Follow the 3 E’s – Entertain, Educate, and Encourage.

Entertain- Entertain does not mean that you have to act silly. However, you do need to show your personality, you have to show that you are human. You must also engage with those who interact with your social media pages and have relevant information. No one likes to comment and not get any response. It’s called social media for a reason… BE SOCIAL.

Educate – Pharmacists are full of information so the education piece is really simple. The most important thing to remember is… speak in a manor that your audience understands. Not all of us have had medical terminology courses and we don’t understand what you’re meaning based on certain words you’re using. But, if you speak to me in ways that I understand, we will be able to relate very easily.

Encourage – Who doesn’t like a compliment or to feel empowered? Everyone likes to be motivated and have that feel good moment of the day! Since, as a pharmacist, you are in the business of making people feel good, wouldn’t it be great to also make your patients feel better through social media?

Write down the questions you hear everyday, all day.

Listen to your patients and your clients. They are telling you what they want to hear or see on your social media. If you write down the questions that you get throughout your day, a pattern of the same questions will start to show up, and you will then know what your audience wants to know. Create the content that your clients and patients want. It is easy, listen to the people you serve, all the time.

Images and Videos

You do not have to be a graphic designer to post quality images on your pharmacy social media. Visit www.canva.com and start designing quality images for free! You do not have to be a videographer to have high quality videos. Your smart phone will shoot HD video. You can shoot a video on the flu shot, on the Zika virus, on diabetes, you can shoot video on any health ailment. It is not that difficult. Most people get caught up on video quality. In most cases, as long as you have a strong audio, viewers will deal with a shaky video. As long as you can be heard, you’re golden!

Over the next two years, the percentage of online video consumption is expected to rise tremendously. Why would you not want to have a giant data base of videos in your pocket?

Thank you for taking the time to read or watch the #DigitalMarketingScript. We look forward to helping your pharmacy improve it’s digital marketing.

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