5 Creative Christmas Inbound Marketing Tips!

Christmas time is upon us. Time to put up the Thanksgiving turkey decorations, and the Halloween spider weds (shame on you for keeping them up for so long!). While others believe the big Holiday to be a time of gifts and sharing love, it is a gold mine for marketing. 

Below are some awesome tips for some Christmas marketing!

Christmas cheer

It’s obvious why companies are eager to jump the gun. Improved product sales and footfall, but thanks to the internet there’s another reason. Get the campaign right and you can really resonate with an audience for the festive season and beyond.

Think of the whole holiday

So what can you learn from this to help your business grow around the busiest shopping period of the year? Smaller companies likely don’t have the resources available to become a Mark Zuckerburg without a lot of forward planning, but there’s some work you can do right now to generate both buzz for your website and leads for your products.

It’s never too late to start when online marketing, thankfully, but obviously the earlier you lay your foundations the better.

Make yourself mobile-friendly

As we’ve mentioned a lot of people do their shopping on mobile devices before Christmas, and having a speedy mobile site with a clear user journey and easy, secure payment options will not only help shoppers but give you a mobile rankings boost.

Christmas-themed content

Producing themed content around Christmas such as blogs, festive imagery, videos and more can help people get in the spirit of the holiday and promote certain products. A local slant on festivities in the area can also draw more customers to your blog.

Email marketing

Building an email list and contacting people that have opted in with Christmas offers, discounts, and other product information can help to drive traffic to your website, especially those pages with products you really want to push and promote throughout the Christmas season.

The clever company will also plan ahead with a creative strategy that incorporates their January sales, too, and follows up to build on those successes with a campaign that lasts the rest of the year.