Do you want to increase productivity? Check out these Google Chrome Extensions!


So goodbye to typos. Even if you consider yourself to be an advanced writer, it’s never a bad idea to have an extra pair of eyes to help you. Grammarly’s extension is a professional proofreader for your day to day writing. Grammarly  reviews your writing and punctuation, spelling, structure, plagiarism, and more.

Personally, Grammarly just makes me feel smarter. Simply by double tapping a word, I can view its definition and synonyms, making it extremely handy when writing a blog post in WordPress.


Some people need Starbucks to give them the happy morning vibes. But others can start the day on a positive with just a few cheerful words.

This little motivational boost can begin your day the right way. As soon as you come into work, turn on your computer, and open up a new browser, you will be welcomed with a clean and elegant UI. Your name, time, weather, and an inspirational quote – right in front of you!

On the surface, Momentum seems like another useless extension with a customized display, but I can promise you that it hides some interesting features. Add your ‘daily goal’ to stay focused and eliminate procrastination. Also, add your to-do’s throughout the day and synchronize them with your other devices. Momentum is a must-have for marketers because it helps you feel good and stay productive.

Google Keep

Need more organization in your day to day business? Instead of having a mental to-do list, get Google Keep. You have virtual sticky notes, write lists of tasks, categorize them by color, and can invite your colleagues to collaborate.

With the Google Keep Chrome extension, you can add any URL’s, images, or quotes directly to your existing notes. Anywhere you go, your to-do-list follows – synchronizing to your phone, laptop, and tablet.


Don’t get lost in the hashtag world.

Using vague or overused hashtags will discourage the social media engagement modern social media accounts are looking for. HashTest is a very simple and easy-to-use Chrome extension that every social media marketer needs for writing social content. It allows you to discover the most popular hashtags using a myriad data points.


The right email at the right time. Key word time. With Boomerang, you can automatically schedule emails to go out on a later date. Boomerang also reminds you to follow up with people who haven’t replied yet.