Hey everybody and welcome to #DigitalMarketingScript and today we’re going to talk about the power of three! What is the power of three, you ask? Well it’s the best way to define your audience and make sure that the messages you’re sending to them are effective and meaningful!

First, you want to select three of your main target groups. These are going to be the ones that are the most profitable to you and that mean the most to your business.

Once you define these three groups, you want to find their pain points. Their paint points are problems they face, that your business can solve for them. You want to make three messages per pain point to tell them how you can solve their problem or help find a solution.

For example, time is a pain point for everybody. If your business can find a way to save time and be more efficient, then you fix their pain point! Make sure you tailor your message to tell them how you can save them time.

When you’re doing your brain storming for the power of three, make sure to select your three most profitable clients, find three pain points and create three messages for each of those pain points, then you will have 27 powerful messages about why you are the solution to your client’s problems!

Thank you so much for reading the #DigitalMarketingScript and we want to know your pain points so we can help come with a solution! Leave us a comment!