Hey everybody and welcome to #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and today we’re going to talk about creating content on the go.

As a business owner, more than likely, you’re going to be on the go at some point, traveling to a conference, going to a trade show. Wherever you may be going, you need to be creating content when you’re there. Here are a few things that you can be doing to create awesome content when you’re on the go.

Number one: make a connection. Find someone who you can feature on a blog, write an awesome story about them. Scratch their back, tell them how amazing they are. Have an awesome story to tell.

Number two: take great pics and videos like crazy, but make sure they’re taggable. If you take a pic with a vendor, make sure they have a Facebook, Twitter or an Instagram that you can tag them in. “Hey, I’m here with so and so.” If it’s a speaker at the event, make sure they have some awesome social media that you can tag as well.

Number three: make sure you’re taking tons of notes while you’re at the conference, trade show or business meeting. Whatever it is, make sure you’re taking notes, because you’re not going to remember every single thing. Make sure you write who you’re meeting with, what they do, write a couple of nice things about them personally. Do they have a dog named fluffy, because if you mention that, they’re going to know you’re paying attention. Take awesome notes!

Those are a few things you can do to create awesome content on the go!

Thank you so much for joining me today on the #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and I want to know what you do to create content on the go!