Hey everybody and welcome to #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and today we’re going to talk about rearranging your budget for next year!

If you have a marketing budget, then you should really consider doing Facebook advertising. If you do not have a marketing budget, you should really consider doing Facebook advertising. We have been able to help tons of clients and get massive results on shoestring budgets. You don’t have to spend $180,000 a month for your marketing. You can have $100, $300, $1000 a month and you can see actual results.

It doesn’t always have to be about your product. You don’t have to try to sell, sell, sell all the time. It could be a highlight about you and your team getting involved in the community and showing how amazing your organization is and how much you guys give back. That right there will drive some high quality traffic to your social media, to your website and it will generate business. It may not be today, but it could be a month down the road. I am not saying stop all other marketing and advertising and go all in on Facebook advertising, but what I am telling you, is that dollar for dollar, it’s going to generate the most exposure and the most income, than any other form.

Get started rearranging your budgets for next year, because it’s so vital to your success.

Thank you so much for joining me today on the #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and I want to know, do you actually have a marketing budget?