Today we’re going to answer the question, do you need a blog? Absolutely yes you need a blog for your retail pharmacy. Not only will it help you better connect with your patients, but it will also help the visibility of your website! Maybe you’ve been wanting to blog but was uncertain if it’d be wasted breath. Well, it isn’t and here are a few reasons why. 

Tip number one: 

This is going to allow you to share your expertise and to share quality health information. Talk about why it’s important you get the shingles vaccination or what is really awesome about medical therapy management. A lot of things that may seem clear cut for you, may actually be unknown to outsiders. Not everyone knows what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy off the top of their heads. It’s your duty to inform and educate!

Tip number two:

Is it going to help with your search engine optimization? Whenever the Google crawlers are creeping on your website, it shows them that you have new relevant information, which Google likes to see. It really improves on your search engine optimization. This is a great place for you to use your long tail keywords, as well. And as we have already discussed, this will help with better placement on a google search. You want to be seen and heard, well blogging will be the soap box for you to be heard.

Tip number three:

This is one I think is most important, is it allows you to feature different services that you provide in your pharmacy. I’ve worked with hundreds of independent pharmacists and there are no two that are exactly the same. Not everyone has the shingles vaccination, not everyone has MTM, not everyone offers travel vaccinations, not everyone has diabetes education. Being able to feature these different products and services that you provide, really highlight what makes you special. Remember, there are no generic pharmacies, only generic people. Let your services and personality help separate you from the crowd!

Tip number four:

You can do what we are doing right here, answer real questions that happen all day long. When you’re answering the phone and you’re getting those questions, “Hey when should I be testing my blood for glucose”, “What’s the best time to take this medication” or “Should I be using an over the counter allergy medication”. This gives you the opportunity to answer real questions that your patients are really asking. That is some wonderful value that you can create! 

Long story short, yes you need a blog and those are the tips of why you need it. So get out that notepad and pen and get to writing! Get out your laptop and open that word document! This going to give you an opportunity to show why you are so amazing at what you do. Now is the time for you to stand up and connect with people. As interactions between people move online, don’t you think you need to be a part of the conversation? So, get to writing!