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Content Creation

Okay, now that we’ve told you a million things about social media and how it can positively affect your business, we’re sure you’re thinking “what the heck do I even start posting?” Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult! There are so many possibilities to express yourself through your business’ social media.

Promote Your Products

Here at ITFM, we go for a 70/30 rule. 70% of our posts are relevant articles, community information, national holidays, quotes, etc. The other 30% is actual product and business promotion. We believe this is the key to creating relationships with your audience. If you are posting content that people enjoy and want to engage in, they are more likely to keep following your page and trust your business. Then, when you do promote your products, they don’t feel like you are only there to get more business. Your potential customers on social media like to feel like you want to connect with them and give them a place to voice their opinions. But when you have a new product or a sale going on, promote it!

Inspirational Quotes

On the days that are busy for you and you don’t have time to push or promote your own products, this is a great option to turn to. If you simply Google “inspirational quotes,” you will find 20,000,000 results! One easy way to turn these quotes into beautiful images is to use This website is free and is an awesome tool for people who don’t want to take the time to learn Photoshop or InDesign. You can easily place text, change the font and add backgrounds. Here are some examples that were made in Canva: 





Reputable Articles

This is another great go-to post on the days you don’t have time to devote to a more intricate post. If you are in a health profession, look up reputable health websites and see if there any articles that could help or educate your audience. The only rules on this type of post are a) to make sure it’s a real website and not just someone’s blog or a fake news website and b) make it relevant to your business or industry.

Personal Facts / Pictures

Your customers love to get to know you! If you are someone who likes to keep their personal life off of social media, that’s okay too! You can share what you feel comfortable with and that will be plenty of enough. Some ideas on how to share something about yourself is to share a photo of you and your family or share some of your favorite hobbies! You can also post about your favorite movies or somewhere you have visited in the past that you enjoyed.

Trivia / Survey

Everyone loves to play trivia or speak their opinion! Posting questions and even offering a small prize to the person that guesses the correct answer will get people talking on your page. Having that engagement will help you gain trust with your audience and ultimately bring them back to your page wanting more! One popular survey method now on Facebook is using the reactions for people to answer the question. This method makes it where they don’t have to type out a comment, but can simply choose the reaction that fits with their feelings!



Social media can be intimidating, but don’t let it be! So get out there and start posting!

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