#DigitalMarketingScript Episode 26: Big Box Marketing

Hey everybody and welcome to #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and today we’re going to talk about big box marketing programs and an apology from me!

I haven’t been as diligent as I usually am with the #DigitalMarketingScript. Well we have dropped the ball just a little bit, because it’s difficult when you’re a small business owner. When you wear the marketing hat, when you wear the payroll hat, and the HR hat, and this hat, and that hat, and the client services hat, which is very important. We’ve had a ton of client services and I just want to apologize to you about not getting these out as frequently as promised. So let’s jump in right now!

Big box marketing programs. What am I talking about? Yelp, Yodel, things like that. I get this question all the time. “Yelp has called me 10 times in the last 3 days. What do you think about Yelp? They’re asking me to pay $600 a month and that’s pretty much my marketing budget.” Absolutely not! I think it’s a terrible idea! I think you could spend that $600 on Facebook ads and get ten times the results that you would with a Yelp program!

If you can’t call someone and speak to someone, the same person, an account representative that actually cares about your business, don’t sign up with them! It’s not going to work! I am willing to bet that if you’re not interested in working with In Their Face Marketing, then you can find a wonderful online marketing company in your own town. Just Google online marketing services in your town, or the biggest city near you and I am sure that you could find someone that would be passionate about getting your small business results.

Spend three hours on YouTube and you will find out the best way to set up a Facebook ad and put $1,000 towards that. Or, if you don’t have time to do that, find a company like ours, that cares about your small business.

Thank you so much for joining me today on the #DigitalMarketingScript and if you are signed up with a big box solution, let know if it’s working! Share with me! As always, feel free to ask me any questions!

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