#DigitalMarketingScript 16: Reimagining Your Content

Coming up with content is not easy, especially if you have to come up with a lot of it. We believe in recreating and reimagining your content. Your blog can turn in to a video, or your video can turn in to a blog. Which ...

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#DigitalMarketingScript Episode 15: Execution Is Key

Today we’re going to talk about execution.  So what do I mean about execution? We’re not talking capitol punishment here! How many of you have watched the past 14 or one of the last 14 #DigitalMarketingScripts and have ...

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#DigitalMarketingScript Episode 14: Dealing with Negative Comments

How to handle negative comments on social media. First things first, negative comments will happen whether you’re on social media or not. If someone is not very happy with your service, they’re going to say it online re ...

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