Hey everybody and welcome to #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and today we’re going to talk about what you can learn from presidential elections!

You had to endure 12+ months of this terrible, terrible campaigning and all that junk. Now, from all of this, you can take away a few little nuggets of marketing that you can implement in your business. Here are three marketing do’s and marketing don’ts that you can takeaway from the presidential debates.

Number one: Do talk about your subject matter. If you are a pharmacist, talk about that! If you do compounding, talk about that! If you do MTM, talk about that!

Number two: Do not ignore issues or do finger pointing. No one wants your business talking crap about another business, unless it’s a chain pharmacy 😉

Number three: Do fact check your information! You do not want to share bad health information or statistics that you’re not sure where they came from. Make sure that you are actually sharing real, relevant information.

Number four: Don’t say controversial things just to get attention. No one likes that person that begs for compliments, or saying these outlandish things just to drive attention to their product services or their social media.

Number five: Do go out and connect with your audience! Connect with your community! The schools, the churches, the other businesses.

Number six: Do not violate regulations! HIPAA, SEC, FDA, FTC. Stay out of trouble while providing the best for your customers that you can!

Take away these do’s and don’ts and apply them to your marketing!

Thank you so much for joining me today on the #DigitalMarketingScript, I’m Carl Britton Jr and I want to know what did you take away from the presidential debates and campaigning?