How to handle negative comments on social media.

First things first, negative comments will happen whether you’re on social media or not. If someone is not very happy with your service, they’re going to say it online regardless if you were there or not. Now to monitor that you have to be actively on it. It’s about being able to respond and actually give a crap about your customer service. You have to be on there monitoring it. If you check up on your Facebook once a week, don’ be surprised if you walk in to a storm of trouble. Being active is they key. Negative comments are going to happen, regardless if you’re on or not. If you want to respond, like you should, then you have to be on. 

When you get that negative comment, you want to respond quickly. Do not let it snowball in to this big, ugly thing. Respond very quickly and usually what we like to do is respond and divert that in to a private message. For instance, customer has a problem with whatever. “Customer, we’re so sorry you had this experience, please send us a direct message” and ask them to detail out everything and you will take care of it and make it right. Now that takes the drama from a public forum in to a private forum for you to handle effectively. You want to say that you’re sorry. If you made a mistake, admit to it. Businesses make mistakes, people make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, but say that you’re sorry, say you want to make it better. Offer them something to come back in so you can treat them right. So always say sorry.

You want to make the problem right, just like if they were standing right in front of you complaining. Handle the situation just as you would in a face to face customer situation. Make the problem right.

There are some situations, where you would want to delete that comment and ban that person if they are using foul language. Or if they’re being offensive to the other users on your social media. It is okay to block and ban. Delete that message, try to get it off there. That is the only time it is okay. Don’t get crazy with it. Someone saying something of yours “sucked” is not in the same ballpark as someone dropping f-bomb’s all over.

If it’s a minimal thing, like Little Suzy Q had an attitude or Tommy J was just being a little jerk, that’s standard stuff, that happens. You want to handle that but leave it on there because you want to show that you care enough to handle these problems. You care enough about your patients and customers that you’re trying to do what’s right. So leave those negative comments but only delete them with foul language or offensiveness.

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