Today we’re going to talk about execution. 

So what do I mean about execution? We’re not talking capitol punishment here! How many of you have watched the past 14 or one of the last 14 #DigitalMarketingScripts and have not done a thing? That could be you. If it is, you need to work on your execution. It’s about being given the knowledge and tools to make change and utilizing them. If I give you the information and tools to fix your car and you don’t, that’s you not executing.

We hear all the time that social media doesn’t work. We hear all the time, that their websites are not generating results. We hear that all the time, and it comes down to execution. Execution is the most important thing when it comes to doing your social media and online marketing. You have a social media page but you are not ever on it? That’s definitely not executing it.

How do you have effective execution? For one, you create quality content. We’ve talked about it in the past and how you do that. Make sure you’re creating quality content. Go back and look for our blog going over the Three E’s, which should dictate your content. In case if you forgot, the Three E’s are entertain, education and encourage. Follow those three when you create content and you’ll get the engagement you want!

Number two is you place that quality content in places where your audience is actually consuming that information. It could be Facebook, it could be Snapchat, but it has to be the place where they are consuming it. You’re not going to try to market your candy bars at a diabetic conference, so why would you post your podcasts on instagram?

Number three is it’s very, very important that you join the conversation. If someone likes or comments or shares, or is engaging with you online, then you need to talk to them, speak to them. If we were sitting at a table for lunch and you were talking to me and I wasn’t paying attention to you, I don’t think that you would ever come back to have lunch with me. Make sure that you are participating in that conversation online. Good or bad, you want to communicate and engage online. Silence is almost never a good sign for any prospective clients.

Execution is key to anything that you want to be effective at in your entire life. If you want to be successful at exercising, you have to execute. If you want to be successful at being the best at doing those push-ups, you have to execute. If you want to have the most sales in the world, you have to execute. If you want a solid, strong, online digital footprint, you have to execute. Simple as that. You don’t open a store and then never have it actually open. Same with your online presence. Go back, watch the rest of our #DigitalMarketingScripts, see what you can learn!

Thank you so much for joining me on the #DigitalMarketingScript episode 15. I’m Carl Britton Jr and you need to start executing!