Currently right now at the of may 2016, Facebook advertising is dollar for dollar, pound for pound the most effective digital online advertising, in my opinion. It’s kind of hard to write off one of the largest sites on the internet. We’re talking over 1 billion users a month. No other advertising platform even comes close to this sort of reach. I truly believe that if you’re not doing Facebook ads, you should be and here are a few reasons why.

For one, it allows you to create a custom audience. Let’s say you’re going to be trying to promote your diabetic shoes and you don’t want that to go to folks with asthma. You can really hone in your custom audience on you Facebook advertising to show your ad to folks in your area that are being affected by diabetes or at least they say so on Facebook. It’s really important to have a custom audience and you are able to get quite specific on Facebook. It allows you to not spend money in stupid places. If you’re doing diabetes education, you can do the same thing. Focus on people with diabetes and it really allows you to target your advertising in an effective manner. Just imagine yourself as a door to door salesman, selling skateboards. You wouldn’t be going to the local nursing home to peddle your wares, would you? It’s the same with on Facebook, except you can now get specific with who you target.

The next thing, you can select a video ad, an image ad, or a carousel ad. If you do a video, I could make this in to a video ad. Where I’m sitting here, talking to you and you’re seeing the video and it’s an advertisement. I can tell you the features and benefits of my products or services. Video ads are really awesome and can get someone to stop scrolling through their Facebook wall and take notice. A good tip, is to consider having subtitles in your video as well. If the video is just you talking and the viewer can’t turn on their sound, they’ll just skip ahead. However, having subtitles going, they can actually see what the content of the video is and decide if they want to view more. An image ad allows you to communicate visually via image. This could be a fun quote on a company picture, or maybe a trick or tip. These will allow you to quickly grab the attention of a viewer long enough for them to get the information. And then there is a carousel ad. It is one that has multiple images that go around, kind of like a carousel. This is for when you have multiple products you want to showcase off. Facebook gives you a lot of different options to present your advertising to your patients, one you should not be overlooking.

There’s a really cool form of advertising, and it’s called boosted posts. Boosting your post will allow you to take a post that you regularly put on your newsfeed and boost that to a custom audience. Today’s post was about flu shots, you can boost that to the people that you want to target who need a flue shot. Now let’s say yesterday’s post was about asthma. You can boost that post with a custom audience, point it to folks with asthma. It really allows you to hone that in and it’s in your post and you can get great reach. For very little dollars, you’re looking at a phenomenal reach, for 5, 10, 12 dollars. So I really think that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, one of the most effective ways that you’re going to be able to reach your audience online.

I’m Carl Britton Jr and if you have questions or comments, throw them down below because I want to know. Thank You!