Formatting your content in the proper context.

Formatting your content on different social media platforms is essential. The way you speak on Facebook is different than the way you speak on Twitter. The psychology of the user on Instagram is different than the psychology of the user on LinkedIn. You have to format your content accordingly. Your content can be amazing but you have to format it for the context of each social media platform.

When you’re posting your content to Facebook, your content needs to enhance the experience of the user, not interrupt their experience. People get on Facebook to stay up to date on family and community. You don’t want to be sell, sell sell on Facebook, unless you have already proven yourself as a valuable tool, asset or resource. Make sure you’re formatting the information on Facebook for community, friends and family.

The formatting of your content on LinkedIn is completely different. You need to be professional. Even though you’ve gone to pharmacy school for 10,000 years and you’re educated on a variety of different health issues. You still have to prove that you know what you’re doing and that you are the professional in your field. That you understand pharmacy, that you understand the world of compounding, that you have helped thousands of other patients. You have to hone that in on LinkedIn, you have to prove that you are the best pharmacist in your city. You do not want to  post your vacation pictures on LinkedIn, you really need to stay focused on business, the actual meat and potatoes of compounding and independent pharmacy.

Twitter is going to be your rapid fire news and information. This is where people are going to come to get that rapid fire fill of information. What you need to be posting on Twitter, is going to be real information about your industry. What’s going on with the flu shot, what’s going on with the Zika Virus, what’s going on with allergies, what’s going on with the different areas of health care? All of that content should be rapid fire, simple to read and news worthy. You want to create massive value through news and information on twitter, in 140 characters or less.

Instagram is a completely different beast. This is going to be visual communication through images and through video. The content you post on Instagram should be helpful and encouraging. Posting helpful tips, tasty recipes, valuable health information and workouts ideas are populars ways to stand out on Instagram. Your audience will also like to see behind the scenes action, they want to know what is going on in the world of pharmacy, they want to see what you’re doing back there. Are you really counting pills or are you just slacking and playing Angry Birds? They want to see whats really happening and get to know your personality. You should be sharing that type of content.

This is a warning, be very cautious of HIPAA violations. Make sure when you’re taking that selfie on Instagram, that you don’t have a prescription bottle or patient information on the workspace behind you because that’s a HIPAA violation. Make sure you’re very conscious of what is in the background of your images that go on social media.

Please let us know if you have any questions!